Rating Appeals

The 2017 Rating List came into force on 1 April 2017.  This was accompanied by the new system of check, challenge and appeal.  You may well be wondering how all this impacts on you.

Business Rate is a major financial liability in the running of a business. It is crucial to seek proper advice to reduce the burden, especially if the premises are vacant.

We undertake rating appeals for a broad cross-section of clients on a wide range of commercial properties, from public houses, restaurants and caravan parks to shops, offices and industrial premises.

We are happy to undertake an initial assessment with no financial obligation.  We tailor our fees to meet your requirements.

” . . . I found the way of your involvement very professional, the communication smooth and there were no hidden charges.  I’ve had a bad experience previously, when I applied for a business rates relief on another property . . . and I am impressed how different you were.”

Aneta Husejko of The Shawes Arms, London Road, Preston.

Key Points:
  • Initial free assessment and no payment of upfront fees.
  • A personal professional service by an experienced rating surveyor.
  • An 89.66% success rate on checks, challenges and appeals undertaken in the 2017 Rating List to date.
  • An average reduction in Rateable Values of  29.30% in the 2017 Rating List to date.